Marinetti Link Layers

 Read the Manual:  Link Layer Manual 6Mb

Download:  Sweet16 LL 6Kb

Download:  Uthernet LL 6Kb

Download:  Uthernet 2 LL 6Kb

One of the main features of the Marinetti TCP/IP stack, is the ability to drop in multiple Link Layers (LL), so it can talk to many different communication systems. When Glenn Jones first designed the Uthernet card, he asked me to write a IIgs LL for the card. That LL has been available for many years, and now with the release of the Uthernet II, has been updated it to a new LL specifically to drive the new card.

I adapted the LL code a few years back for a Sweet16 emulator LL, allowing any Marinetti compatible program to be run directly from within Sweet16.