Spectrum™ is a telecommunications program written specifically for the Apple IIgs. It uses the standard Apple IIgs “desktop interface”, making it powerful, yet easy to learn and use. The simplicity of the IIgs desktop interface, and the memory available in the IIgs, allows many features in Spectrum™ that are not practical in most telecommunications programs.

A powerful scripting language allows Spectrum™ to be tailored specifically for individual use. Scripts can do almost anything you might need to do, ranging from emulating an electronic bulletin board, to the daily automatic logging, sending, and retrieving of mail. Some notable script sets have been released over the years that allowed easy offline access to Apple II Forums from GEnie™ to Delphi™. Perhaps the most well known script set is the “Spectrum Internet Suite” (SIS) script set, which turns Spectrum into a web browser.

Spectrum™ is an expandable program that allows access to many different “host” computers and systems. In addition to the standard Super Hires screen display, Spectrum™ can use an 80 column text screen display, and additional “drop in” displays are also provided (ANSI, ProTERM™ Special, Viewdata, VT100, etc.).

Spectrum™ can be enhanced with custom XCMDs, that enhance Spectrum™ with features not built-in to the original program. Many of these are included with either the Spectrum™ download archives, or in the download section.

Please read the Spectrum ™ manuals to explore the power of what Spectrum™ can do.

As there are a number of different versions of Spectrum™ available, and some associated files, please go to the Spectrum™ Downloads page from the sidebar menu to download the files.

Someone once said to me, ‘Spectrum™ does everything!