ChewBagger Editor

  • Update 8th January 2023

 Download:  ChewBagger 1.3.0 197Kb

Download:  ChewBagger.2mg 819Kb

 Read the Manual:  ChewBagger Manual 995Kb

Chewbagger is a stand-alone file byte viewer, editor, simple disassembler, and Block editor for the IIgs.

ChewBagger lets you view the raw data of either the data or resource fork of a file, search for target strings within the fork, using either Hex or ASCII data, and optionally allows you to edit the data, and write the changed data back to the file. You can also load an OMF file into memory, or examine a section of memory. You can also compare two files for any differences there may be between them.

In addition, you can disassemble, print, or dump to file, a selection or range of data from any of the viewing screens.

A new and powerful Block editor is also available, allowing you to view and search the blocks on any mounted volume, and to directly edit blocks on ProDOS and DOS 3.3 volumes.