UNDO Manager

  • Update 9th February 2022

Download:  UNDO Manager v1.0.4 131Kb

 Read the Manual:  UNDO Manager Manual 557Kb

The Undo Manager adds 32 levels of Undo and Redo to your LineEdit, TextEdit, or Picture controls. To activate Undo and Redo Menu Items, simply install the Undo Manager, add Redo to your Edit Menu, and add a few simple commands to your application code.

Up to 8 applications can between them control up to 32 controls at any one time, and each control will have 32 levels of Undo and Redo. The 32 controls are normally spread across the eight applications, though by a simple UndoClearWindowClips command called when closing a window,  you can handle up to 32 controls for each window. Coding examples for many different platforms are provided.

Authors should check for the correct version of the Undo Manager Tool at boot time, if they rely on the newer features:

Version 1.0.0 original release
Version 1.0.1 update, required by Spectrum 2.5.5
Version 1.0.2 update, added the two Object Data calls

Please read the PDF Manual for full details of how to add Tool Manager support to your own applications. If you run the sample Undo.Tester application from the archive, it will  show you what can be done with the Tool: