• Update 8th February 2023

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Versions – Updates Manager

How many times have you wondered if you have the latest version of an application installed? It can be complicated and time consuming to go and check what might be a number of web sites to see whether all the applications you have installed are up to date. Equally, it can be tedious to go and see if your favourite software author has just released a new application that you might like to use.

Versions resolves both those dilemmas for you. You simply add URLs supplied by software authors to a ‘Versions.List’, using a simple editor within Versions, and then by one menu selection, Versions will download reference files that check all your hard disks for updates and new applications, and display a list of what it finds. The list shows you any applications it found that were out-of-date, applications that are not yet on your system, and all the matching applications that are installed, but are up-to-date.

You can select items from the list, click the Info button to see where that file is located on your system and view information about the file, and click a Download button to retrieve its related archive from the author’s web server.

As multiple web sites can be checked by that single menu selection, it takes moments to check your system and keep everything up-to-date: