• First released – April 2019

 Download:  GSummer NDA 106Kb

Download:  GSummer MD5 1.1Kb

GSummer GS/OS MD5 Hash Utility
By: Chris Vavruska

Transferring files to your GS in a modern world sometimes involves jumping through a few hoops along the way. This is where GSummer can help you know if the file on your GS is the same as the original. GSummer does this by calculating the MD5 hash of a file (or set of files) and compares the hash against the original hash. If this matches, then you are pretty sure that the destination file(s) were transferred correctly.
GSummer can also be used to make sure files on your hard drive have not changed due to some sort of file corruption. Just occationally verify the MD5 hash file to make sure files that should never change don’t.

GSummer is an NDA (New Desk Accessory) that also integrates with the GSOS finder, and is fully supported by Versions, and other communication applications.

This is an example showing GSummer building the hash file for the networker200.bxy archive. You will see that GSummer actually looks inside the BXY archive, and builds hashes for each file within the SHK or BXY archive:

GSummer was developed alongside Versions. The GSummer files will be downloaded from Chris’s website.