• Released – September 2022

 Download:  Homer v1.0  8Kb

Homer Finder Extension

Chris Vavruska © 2022

If you ever used the “Make Alias” Extras menu item from the System 6.0 EasyMount extension (part of the IIgs System 6.0 Operating System), you know that it allows you to create alias files for applications and folders. These alias files can be placed anywhere on your system. They give you quick access to application and folders that may be tunneled deep within the directory structure of one your storage devices. What you don’t have is an easy way to show the home location of the application or folder. That is where Homer comes in.

Homer is a Finder Extension that looks inside the structure of the EasyMount alias files, and opens up the home (or containing) folder of the original application or folder.

Homer will be downloaded from Chris’s website.