Spectrum™ Downloads

Spectrum™ Manuals

If you are new to Spectrum™, or just want to know what it does and how to script it, read online, or download, the Spectrum™ Manuals:

  Read or download:  Spectrum™ Program Manual – 1.3Mb

  Read or download:  Spectrum™ Scripting Manual – 1.1Mb

  Read or download:  Spectrum™ Reference Manual – 1.5Mb

  • Update release 23rd July 2018
Spectrum™ Installers

  Download:  Spectrum™ Platinum  .2Mg disk image – 10.6Mb

Spectrum Platinum v2.5.5 adds support for the Undo Manager, and the self-booting .2Mg zipped disk contains  GS/OS 6.0.4, and a working copy of the latest Spectrum™ v2.5.5. A universal installer allows you to install Spectrum™ on any disk of your choosing, or run Spectrum™ directly from the boot disk.

  Download:  Spectrum™ Gold  .2Mg disk image – 14.4Mb

The .2Mg disk contains a working copy of the latest Spectrum™ v2.5.4 zipped update, and a universal installer which allows you to install Spectrum™ on whichever disk you like.

  Download:  Spectrum™ 2.5.3 Deluxe  .DMG disk image – 10.5Mb

A Macintosh disk image (10.5Mb), containing Spectrum™ v2.5.3, SAM2, SAFE2, and SNAP.

Legacy Disks

  Download:  Spectrum™ 2.5.3 Installation Disk  .2Mg disk – 819Kb (1 of 4)

  Download:  Spectrum™ 2.5.3 Extras Disk  .2Mg disk – 819Kb (2 of 4)

  Download:  Spectrum™ 2.5.3 Sounds  .2Mg disk – 819Kb (3 of 4)

  Download:  Spectrum™ 2.5.3 Manuals  .2Mg disk – 819Kb (4 of 4)

Note: These are the full set of four Spectrum™ v2.5.3 3.5″ floppy installation disks.

  Download:  Full set of Legacy Spectrum™ Manuals – 10.1Mb

  Download or read:  Spectrum™ Legacy v1.0 Program Manual – 242Kb

  Download or read:  Spectrum™ legacy Scripting Manual – 189Kb

Updaters & Manuals

  Download or read:  Spectrum™ legacy v2.5.3 Updates Addendum Manual – 176Kb

  Download:  Spectrum™ legacy v1.0 Program Manual Word file – 478Kb

  Download:  Spectrum™ legacy Scripting Manual Word file – 340Kb

  Download:  Spectrum™ legacy v2.5 Updates Manual Word file – 290Kb

  Download:  Spectrum™ v2.5.1 Update Updates Spectrum 2.4 to 2.5.1 – 320Kb

  Download: Spectrum 2.5.3 Updater .2Mg file updates Spectrum 2.5.1 to 2.5.3 – 819Kb

XCMDs and Script Sets

  Download:  Patcher XCMD v2.5.x Enables Binary Telnet for Spectrum™ v2.2 – 3Kb

  Download: XCMD Set Entire XCMD set for Spectrum™ – 190Kb

  Download: Lister XCMD v2.5 XCMD to allow Lists in script sets – 10Kb

  Download: SAM 1.7 .2Mg disk of the original SAM email script set for Spectrum™ – 819Kb

  Download:  SOAR Offline Reader  Script set to access A2Central v1.0b11 – 312Kb

  Download:  SAFE v1.5 The original SAFE FTP script set for Spectrum™ – 165Kb

Spectrum™ Internet Suite

Please go to the SIS web site to download, or read more about, the Spectrum Internet Suite web browser.