• Update – 1st April 2020

 Read the Manual: NetWorker2 PDF Manual  741Kb

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The six Functions of NetWorker2

Networker2 is an Internet exploration tool, that builds on the functionality of the original NetWorker application. In addition to its original function, now named Explorer, NetWorker2 adds new Ping, Lookup, Traceroute, Whois, and Port Scan functions.

Ping shows you the latency of the return journey when accessing a target host.

Lookup makes forward and reverse lookups of domain names.

Traceroute shows you the route your packets travel on the way to a target host.

Whois lookup for the domain name

Whois looks up domain registry information for a domain name.

Port Scan makes a security check for open ports on a target server. 

Explorer twin window display, showing a connection to the Asimov FTP server

Explorer lets you work at the lowest level of the Internet, opening specified ports, and then retrieves data from them. It is handy if you just want to explore the commands you might need to access a host, and what responses you might expect. Networker2 allows two ports to be open at once, showing the responses in a split window.

You can construct up to four Command files. that show in the Net Commands menu. This makes it easier to send repetitive commands for the Explorer function.