Desktop Alarm NDA

 Download:  DeskAlarm NDA 72Kb

The Desktop Alarm NDA is based in part on ‘Alarm Clock’ v2.0 by Bill Tudor.

Desktop Alarm is an Apple IIgs NDA that can add a clock, complete with alarms and hourly chimes, to either your menu bar or a window on the desktop. The clock can also be set to show up automatically whenever you start an Apple IIgs desktop application.

The following features are provided:

  • Clock in Menu Bar or Window
  • Date & time display or time only display
  • Automatic opening of clock when program is run
  • Optional hourly chime
  • Optional hours chime
  • Optional alarm
  • Adjustable update rate
  • No tool patching!
  • No pre-emptive IRQ’s
  • Internal or external sounds
  • Desktop Alarm disabled in Spectrum™


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