• Update 21st Ocotber 2022

 Download:  Webber 1.1.5  262 Kb   (GSHK file)

Download: Webber Install Disk (install 2mg disk)

 Read the Users Manual:  Webber User Manual 901Kb

Webber is a powerful web browser for the IIgs, that lets you surf the web and download files. Webber requires Marinetti to be installed.

Webber is the successor to the now discontinued SIS. It uses the same interface as SIS, but there the similarity ends. Unlike SIS, Webber is a stand-alone application, compatible with System 6.0.1 through 6.0.4, and can download any web page that is accessible from an http:// connection. It does not handle https:// secure connections, scripts, or style sheets.

Check out what Webber can do for you:

  • View web pages
  • Send the results of interactive Forms
  • Download linked files
  • Load and display HTML files from disk
  • Keeps up to 256 Cached pages in a navigation Stack
  • Navigation Menu for quick page access
  • Editable History list
  • Bookmarks
  • Keep & View optional transcript Logs
  • Supports Proxy connections
  • Supports password protected web pages
  • Supports receiving and sending Cookies
  • Print pages